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Well, I guess this one will have to do.

Prime focus with a equalivant 1500mm lens but actually a 10" f/6 Newtonian telescope dragged along for the ride there. (in the middle of nowhere with fence posts in Montana - look up NASA data on Eclipse's path)

Feb. 26, 1979 because where the sun was also eclipsed in Canada it was overcast, unless you have a lot of money and can be an Eclipse Chaser (in an airplane??).

The very fine detail that is still missing from the slide where I can not quite bring out the contrast of that first bending of light around the moon's surface.

And no, I am not imaging it either. More detail in a old 35mm camera with fine-grain film (Kodachrome 64 although Kodachrome 25 may have worked also) I have no more, than digital anything yet.

Proving Einstein's Theory of Relativity of light being bent from stars in a gravitational field as the 1921 Eclipse did back then proving Einstein's Theory.


Image is still less (1920x1200) than image made from slide being made into digital. (original image is 2972 x 2000, but the slide I guess needs cleaning after thirty years or something.)

Make your own images (I suggest up to a 500mm camera lens or so only attached to a camera with a tripod and still fine-grain film whatever they sell nowadays) at the

two Eclipses coming to the USA, Aug. 21, 2017 and April something, 2024. To look up or not, perhaps that is the question!

About 1.25 degrees of image (where more field of view is needed for a Total Eclipse of the Sun)~!

Putting the ol' slide to digital finally, the Total Eclipses will still happen despite humans on the Planet.

Humans are on this Planet in this Universe!