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Astronomical page of website.

What's up (in the sky at night)?

Yoursky link above is an astronomical program on the Internet.


The Sky will be there!


List of Star Parties by month (and websites) across the USA


Is your light pollution shining up to the bottom of satellites orbiting in the sky at night?

Does your light pollution light up the top of tall trees fooling birds, insects and other animal species?

Humans have looked up into the night sky ever since humans, 99%DNA same as chimps (chimps, chumps or champs), have been on this Planet.

Yes, even now with trying to find extrasolar planets, some humans are looking for intelligent life in this Universe.

However, since there may be alternate universes proposed and mathematically proved as a viable theory for Quantum Theory:

The Universe may not be Enough!

Humans are on this Planet in this Universe.


The Earth at Night - a NASA photo that can be downloaded even larger in size from the Visible Earth website. (