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Spirit of the Child within Each of Us

As a person grows up and older, traveling through and within Space and Time, each person attunes with the World that we all live in and how each person overall perceives this World.  Each of us learns knowledge as taught to each of us, as each person is given experiences that are considered to be the     standard life experiences of the World for the time period that each person is in. Each person growing older then adjusts to the experiences as presented by this World as each person having learnt by all the previous experiences that the person has acquired throughout that person's history - the knowledge     applied by that particular single person. All of us then create the future as each person defines all the previous experiences up until that decision-making particular time that defines the next moment for the next experience to follow in that person's life. 

Why must you write that all out, you cry, as we all know that?

The Spirit of the Child within Each of Us is.

But we all are not children anymore, you say.

Perhaps you have forgotten that Child that is within you, as you have grown older.

But each of us can not say that anyone is a child anymore, we have all grown up, and we all have grown older.


The Spirit of the Child still remains as we grow older, and the Spirit of the Child is still apart of each person!

That is what each person must do, each person must protect that Child that is within, that defines, that is needed by each person.

Plant a Seed to acknowledge that Child that is within you, and nuture that Child that is still you.

In the next couple of weeks, each person will have an experience that can only be considered to have been from the Child that is you that is within you.





Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26, 1979 at the end of the Eclipse with shadow bands.

Old slide still needs to be cleaned up a little, another time consuming project.


Humans are on this Planet in this Universe!


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 July 26, 2010